Financial Advisor Hunt: 12 Rules to Find a Wealth Wizard

Back in the roaring 2000s, I started out as a financial advisor – full of energy, unbeatable at getting big returns for my clients. I was making all the right moves, the best moves. But you know what? There was something I didn’t get back then. I thought, as long as I’m making money for my clients, that’s all there is to it. That’s what a financial advisor does, right? Wrong. I’ve learned a lot since those days.

Now, after a fantastic run managing one of the largest hedge funds in the Middle East, I’ve got a whole new take on it. Being a financial advisor? It’s not just about the returns. Sure, making money is important – nobody knows that better than me. But there’s so much more to it.

So, I’ve put together this guide – just for you. It’s the wisdom of a guy who’s been a financial advisor, who’s seen the ins and outs of the investment world, boiled down to 10 golden rules for picking the right financial advisor.

Don’t ever settle for second best. With more than 300,000 financial advisors in the USA alone, if you can’t find one that fits the bill, get in touch. I’m here to help. You deserve a financial advisor who’s as committed to winning as I am.

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Rule 1: They Prioritize Your Financial Goals

Setting Financial Goals With Notepad Coins And Graphs

Let me tell you, having a financial advisor who truly listens to you is like finding gold. The best in the business, the very best, will put your financial aspirations at the forefront. They are not just nodding heads, they’re visionaries ready to turn your dreams into action.

Tailored Strategies: Your Personal Financial Blueprint

A top-notch financial advisor will sit down with you to create a tailored strategy. It’s like having a master tailor design your financial future – perfectly cut to fit your life’s objectives. They stitch together a plan that’s as unique as you are, focusing on what YOU want to achieve.

Partnership for Success: When You Win, They Win

The mark of a truly great financial advisor is their unwavering commitment to your success. They’re not in it for a quick commission. They’re invested in your long-term prosperity. They strategize and mobilize with one goal in mind: to not just meet your financial goals but to surpass them.

Vision Into Reality: The Commitment to Your Growth

You want to see your wealth flourish? The right financial advisor will light the way. They’re not just working for you, they’re working with you. They take your grandest financial ambitions, no matter how bold, and they craft a concrete plan to achieve them.

Empowering Your Financial Dreams: Beyond Just Advice

It’s not about them dictating what your goals should be. It’s about empowering you to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more. They prioritize what’s important to you because that’s what separates the good from the great in the world of financial advice. This is the caliber of advisor everyone should have in their corner.


Rule 2: They Boast a Strong Track Record

Team Celebrating Success On Mountain Peak At Sunrise

In finance, winning isn’t just good, it’s essential. The advisor you choose should be a winner. Not just once or twice, but consistently. We’re talking about a history of success that’s yuge. The best financial advisors don’t just hit home runs, they win championships.

Proven Success in the Toughest Times

Your advisor should be a fighter, someone who’s proven they can handle the heat of the market’s kitchen. They’ve seen recessions, market crashes, and they’ve not only survived, they’ve thrived. Their portfolio? It’s a testament to their resilience and ability to secure victory where others see defeat.

Real Results, Not Just Talk

Great financial advisors have results that speak for themselves. They show you their track record – a track record so strong, it’s like a financial fortress. They don’t need fancy words because their numbers scream success.

A Scorecard of Triumphs

Demand to see the wins. A top-notch advisor has them ready to show off. Their scorecard isn’t just good, it’s unbeatable. That’s the advisor you want – one who’s all about winning, who turns financial goals into gold.


Rule 3: They Hold Relevant Credentials

Concept Of Digital Workflow And Document Management

You want the best financial advisor out there, and that means they’ve got to have the credentials. We’re not talking about some participation trophy, we’re talking about the real deal, like the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designations. It’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Certified Financial Planner: Like the Ivy League

Getting a CFP is like getting into Wharton – it means you’re at the top of your game. These folks are tough, smart, and they’ve gone through the wringer to prove it. You can check them out on the official CFP Board’s website. If they’re listed, they’re as good as gold.

Chartered Financial Analyst: Financial Masters

And the CFA? It’s not just a fancy title. It’s a battle-hardened mark of excellence in finance. They don’t just understand numbers, they make numbers work for them, like I do. Always verify with the CFA Institute’s tools to make sure they’re the real McCoy.

Licenses: Your Safety Check

Every field’s got its rules, and every professional needs the right license. It’s like building a hotel – you wouldn’t start without the proper permits, right? The same goes for your financial advisor. Make sure they’re licensed to practice in their field, and you’ll sleep like a winner.

Trust the Credentialed Pros

You want a financial advisor who’s a proven winner. Credentials aren’t just fancy letters, they’re a sign of trust, excellence, and success. Get an advisor with the right ones, and you’re setting yourself up for victory. That’s how you win in finance, and that’s how you win in life.


Rule 4: They Communicate Clearly and Regularly

Two People Communicating With Tin Can Telephone

A top financial advisor communicates like a champ. No nonsense, no complicated jargon – they tell it to you straight. This is the kind of advisor who doesn’t just talk at you, they talk with you, explaining the ups and downs of your investments in plain English.

Direct and Understandable

They keep it simple. No beating around the bush, no baffling finance speak. They lay out your financial plan like a roadmap that’s easy to follow. That’s how you know you’re on the right track.

Consistent Updates

You’ll hear from them consistently. No need to chase them down, they’ll keep you updated, so you’re always in the know.

They Listen Intently

They listen more than they talk. Your financial aspirations are their command. They focus on your needs and hustle to meet them.

No Surprises

Good advisors don’t spring surprises on you. They keep you looped in, so you’re always a step ahead.In short, the best financial advisor talks less, listens more, and ensures you’re always in the loop. That’s how you make America’s finances great again – one clear conversation at a time.


Rule 5: They’re Transparent About Fees

Financial Planning Desk With Fees Note Calculator And Coins

The best financial advisor doesn’t play games with your money. They’re clear about fees because they respect you. They lay it out like a winning business plan – no hidden fees, no confusion.

Dealmakers on Commissions

Honest and Upfront- They’ll tell you if they’re on commission or if it’s a flat rate – because that’s how you make deals, with honesty.

Building Empires on Trust

These advisors are here to build empires, not short-change you. They’re about creating a legacy of wealth with you, starting with trust on day one – that’s what makes a relationship great.

Cut the Jargon

You won’t find any complicated financial talk here. They’ll give it to you straight. No small print, just big results.

They Stand by Their Word

If they’re not upfront about fees, they’re not the best, and you only deserve the best. A top-notch advisor is transparent. That’s the mark of a true winner.


Rule 6: They Take a Holistic View of Your Finances

Hand Placing Coin Into Savings As Investment Graphs Rise

Good financial advisors, the best ones, they see everything. Not just a slice of the pie, but the whole pie. They see your money.

Strategy That Wins

These advisors, It’s not about single moves, it’s about winning the game. They’re the grandmasters of finance, and they’re playing for your team.

Everything Connects

Your stocks, bonds, property – they’re all parts of a machine. The best advisors, they make sure every part is fine-tuned to perfection. It’s about making your entire financial engine run like a Swiss Watch.

Ahead of the Game

Markets go up and down, but you? You’re staying on top. With a holistic advisor, you’re always winning. They’ve got foresight like no one else – they’re the financial visionaries you need.

Winning, Not Just Participating

If your financial advisor isn’t looking at the whole board, you’re just participating, not winning. And you’re not here to participate. You’re here to win. It’s that simple.


Rule 7: They’re Proactive About Planning

Person Writing On Calendar With Sticky Notes And Pen

The best financial advisors are like the greatest chess players, always several moves ahead. They don’t just wait for economic waves to hit, they ride them like champions. These are the kind of people who see opportunities when others see chaos. They’re not waiting for the annual review to make big plays. No, they’re constantly scanning the horizon, ready to jump on the next big thing.

Market Mastery: They Predict, They Win

Great financial advisors – and I know about winning – they have an instinct for the market’s ebbs and flows. They’re not caught off guard because they’re the ones setting the pace. They see the trends, they know the deals, and they act swiftly to make sure you’re always on the winning side.

Adaptability: Quick and Decisive

The world changes fast, and your financial advisor should too. We’re talking about the type who adapt at the speed of light – new regulations, market dips, global events – they turn these into advantages. They’re the deal-makers who don’t just respond to change, they drive it.

Your Victory is Their Victory

They’re in the ring with you, fighting for your financial dreams. These advisors don’t just work for you, they work with you, aligning every strategy with your goals. They’re not satisfied until you’re banking more wins than you ever thought possible.

So, if your financial advisor isn’t proactive, isn’t a winner, then you’re with the wrong person. Get someone who’s as committed to your success as I am to America’s success. That’s how you secure not just wealth, but a financial legacy. That’s the Edmond way – the way to win big!


Rule 8: They Educate Their Clients

Financial Advisor Educating Clients Over Documents In A Cozy Book-Filled Room

The best financial advisors, they’re winners. They talk to you not with fancy financial gibberish but with words that strike gold. They make sure you get it, you really get it. You’ll be making deals with your investments like a pro – no one better.

That’s How You’ll Invest

They teach you the art of the financial deal. Think of it as “The Art of the Deal,” but for your portfolio. They give you the knowledge to turn every dollar into ten, a hundred, a thousand.

Your Money, Your Moves

These advisors, they understand it’s your money, and you call the shots. They’re there to make you the boss, to ensure when you make a move, it’s bold, it’s smart, and it’s huge. They empower you, they don’t control you. That’s how it should be.

Selecting a financial advisor? You’re picking the CEO of your financial empire. You want someone who’s got the brains and the guts – someone who gets you. This isn’t about hiring a pencil-pusher, this is about choosing a financial gladiator. The connection has to be terrific, the best!


Rule 9: They Are a Good Fit Personally

Two Businessmen Celebrating Success With Digital Tablet

Your financial advisor should be phenomenal, just like you. They’ve got to understand your goals, your dreams. They should bring to the table an enthusiasm for your financial victories that rivals your own – that’s the mark of a true advisor.

Partnership for Prosperity

Don’t settle for a yes-man. Get yourself a financial advisor who’s as bold and candid as they come. Someone who will champion your financial interests with the same fervor and dedication they would their own. That’s the kind of ally you need in the financial battlefield.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

You’re looking for that spark, that unmistakable vibe that says, “This is the one.” You want someone who’s on your wavelength, ready to take on the world with you. Remember, we’re talking about your legacy here. Go for the gold – nothing less.

An Advisor Who Tells It Like It Is

The best financial advisor has the guts to give it to you straight. They’ll let you know when it’s time to hustle and when it’s time to shift gears. Trust in an advisor who’s as committed to your financial conquest as you are.

Accept Only the Best

Compromise? Forget about it. In finance, as in everything, you want someone who’s going to do more than just crunch numbers – you want a winner. Set your sights on the kind of excellence that I would demand, the kind of excellence that leads to success. Believe me, that’s how you make your finances great


Rule 10: They Plan For The Future

Businessman On Arrow Graphic Observing Future Opportunities

In the world of finance, you need someone who’s not just playing checkers while everyone else is playing chess – you need a grandmaster, a visionary, a financial advisor who plans for the future like nobody else. That’s what the best do – they see the unseen, they’re winners, and they plan for success at every turn.

Predicting the Unpredictable: They Have Incredible Foresight

The best financial advisors are like the great prophets of Wall Street. They can’t predict the future – nobody can, believe me – but they’re incredible at forecasting. They see trends, they understand the economic landscape, and they’re always thinking several moves ahead. They’re not just reacting to the market, they’re anticipating it, which is exactly what you need.

Risk Management: They Prepare for Every Scenario

Here’s the thing: the best financial advisors prepare for every scenario – they don’t get caught off guard. They’re experts in risk management. They don’t gamble with your money, they protect it. They’re like the Secret Service of finance, they’re in the detail, they’ve got everything covered, and they ensure your portfolio is bulletproof.

Succession Planning: Securing Your Legacy

These financial wizards don’t just think about the here and now, they’re all about legacy – your legacy. They’re in it for the long haul, setting up succession plans that make sure your wealth doesn’t just last but thrives through generations. They’re like architects, building something that’s going to stand the test of time.

Adaptability: They’re Nimble and Quick

The best financial advisors are nimble, they’re quick – they adapt. When the market zigs, they zag. They know how to pivot, how to adjust, and how to take advantage of opportunities that others just don’t see. They’re not stuck in old ways, they’re innovators, always looking for the best approach.

Commitment to Growth: They’re Always Learning

And let me tell you, the best of the best, they’re committed to growth – both yours and their own. They’re lifelong learners, always up-to-date with the latest financial strategies and technologies (Like PPLI for example). They’re not resting on their laurels, they’re gaining new skills, new insights, and they’re using them to win big for you.

In summary, when it comes to planning for the future, the best financial advisors are strategists of the highest order. They understand the art of financial war, they craft the playbook, and they lead you to victory. They’re the generals in the battle for financial success, and with them, you’re always one step ahead. That’s what makes them the best – they plan for the future like nobody else. Believe me.


Rule 11: They Talk To Their Clients

Creative Team Sharing Ideas At A Bright Office Desk

Listen, if you’re going to choose a financial advisor, you’ve got to talk to their clients. I’m talking about real, hard-working people just like you. They’ll give you the straight talk – the good, the bad, everything. There’s no substitute for that. It’s just tremendous, really.

Client Satisfaction – They’ll Tell You Like It Is

You want to know how satisfied these clients are? Go ask them. They’re the ones with the real story, not some fake news. They’ll tell you how this advisor has been winning for them – or not. And we all like to win, don’t we?

Advisor-Client Relationships – They Should Be Huge

These clients will tell you all about their relationship with the advisor. And you want a relationship that’s huge – where you’re taken care of, not taken advantage of. You deserve an advisor who’s genuinely in your corner.

Long-Term Success – It’s About Consistency

Talk to those who’ve been with the advisor for years. They’ve seen it all – the ups and downs. A great advisor is like me, they don’t just win once. They keep winning. Consistency is key, and you want to hear it straight from those who’ve experienced it.

Handling Criticism – Only the Best Do It Well

A top-notch advisor, like a top-notch president, knows how to handle criticism. They take it, they learn from it, and they get better. That’s what the best do. Find out from their clients how your potential advisor measures up.

So, you’re going to pick a financial advisor? Don’t just take their word for it. Talk to the people they’ve worked with. That’s the real test. And let’s face it, when it comes to your money, you want the best. Anything less is just a bad deal, and we don’t do bad deals.


Rule 12: They Regularly Publish Articles

Businessman Reading Newspaper With Coffee On Urban Background

When you see a financial advisor putting their advice in writing, publishing it for all to see, that’s not just smart – it’s tremendous. They’re showing off big-league knowledge. This isn’t just some advice: this is a wealth of wisdom that they’re practically giving away. They’re showing they can lead in the financial world, and they’re bold enough to shout it from the rooftops.

Nobody Does It Better

We’re talking about leadership, and nobody does it better than a financial advisor who leads the conversation. They’re not following – they’re setting the agenda, leading the pack. They’re the ones making the calls everyone else wishes they had made. Their articles? They’re the best, everyone’s talking about them, and they’re changing the game.

Educate to Dominate

This is what winning looks like: an advisor who doesn’t just hand you fish but teaches you to fish, to win, to be the best. Their articles are like gold – pure financial intelligence that’s making America smarter, wealthier, stronger. They’re not just playing the game, they’re teaching it, one article at a time.

Predicting the Future, Today

A great advisor is always ahead – they see the next big opportunity while others are still stuck on yesterday’s news. They’re writing about the future, setting the stage for the next big win. This is about being proactive, about making the market work for you, not the other way around.

Clear as a Bell

An advisor out in the open with their strategies? That’s as clear as it gets. No hiding, no double talk. They’re giving you the inside track, crystal clear, in black and white. That’s the kind of transparency that builds trust, that shows they’re all about winning – for everyone.

You want a financial advisor who’s out there, battling in the trenches, who’s not afraid to say “I’m the best” and prove it, in writing. That’s the kind of advisor who doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. That’s the kind of advisor you want in your corner, the kind that makes America great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man With Questions Above His Head Thinking About Financial Advisor

How Can I Tell If A Financial Advisor Is Just A Disaster Waiting To Happen?

Look, it’s all about results, right? If they’re not upfront about fees, if they’re vague about their strategies, or if you feel like you’re in a never-ending sales pitch – wake up! You’ve got a dud. The best financial advisors, the ones I would choose, are crystal clear, top-notch professionals who put you first. Settle for nothing less!

What’s The Deal With Financial Advisors Who Don’t Have The Right Credentials?

Total disaster! Would you let someone without experience build a skyscraper? Not a chance. If they don’t have the credentials, they’re not playing in the big leagues. You want the best of the best, a certified winner who’s proven themselves.

Should I Trust A Financial Advisor Who Promises The Moon With Guaranteed Returns?

Promises, promises, promises – they’re cheap. The real world, the one I’ve conquered time and again, doesn’t give guarantees. You want someone who understands the art of the deal, not a pie-in-the-sky dream seller.

What If My Financial Advisor Is Constantly Trying To Push Their Products On Me?

That’s a red flag the size of Central Park! A great advisor doesn’t sell you products – they sell you on their unbeatable expertise. If they’re more interested in their commission than your portfolio, show them the door!

My Financial Advisor Doesn’t Seem To Care About My Financial Dreams. Is That Normal?

Absolutely not! That’s like a quarterback who doesn’t want to win the Super Bowl. If your advisor isn’t asking about your goals, they’re in the wrong business. You need someone with fire, someone who’s going to fight for your financial victory as hard as you would.

How Often Should A Top-Tier Financial Advisor Update Me?

If they’re not briefing you regularly, they’re not serious. You deserve an advisor who’s on the ball, giving you updates, keeping you in the loop. Anything less is unacceptable. That’s how I operate, and that’s how your advisor should too.

Is It Bad If My Financial Advisor Is A Ghost Online?

In this digital age, that’s a sign of a nobody. A truly fantastic advisor has a trail of success you can follow right online. They’re out there, making waves, raking in success. No online presence means they’re probably not worth your time.

What Should I Think If My Financial Advisor Never Returns My Calls?

Think “You’re fired!” Communication is the cornerstone of success. If they can’t even return a call or shoot an email, they’re not worthy of your investment. You want someone who’s as responsive as they are brilliant.

Should I Worry If My Financial Advisor Keeps Changing Their Advice?

Changing advice like they’re changing suits? Forget about it. Success comes from a solid, unwavering strategy. You need an advisor who’s as steadfast as a rock. No flip-floppers allowed. Consistency is key to building empires, believe me.

How Can I Find Out If A Financial Advisor Has A Sketchy Background?

Do your homework like a boss. Use every tool at your disposal – BrokerCheck, SEC filings, to get the scoop. If they’ve got blemishes on their record, they’re small-fry. I demand the best, and so should you. Stellar reputation, stellar results. Period.

Conclusion: Seal the Deal with Financial Excellence

I’ve laid out the most powerful, the most effective, the absolute best strategies in the financial game right above. 12 unbeatable rules to pick a financial advisor who doesn’t just play the market – they win it. Every. Single. Time. Just like I win in business and everything else I do.

Now, I’ve turned the complex into the simple, given you the formula for wealth that even a child could follow. It’s not just about having a financial advisor, it’s about having a financial champion. And I’ve shown you exactly how to spot them. Now it’s your turn to the rules I layed out for you, to find a perfect fit for your needs!

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